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Internal Proposal

This document and video was created at Sage Software to discuss methods for integrating technologies, reaching customers, and generating revenue by expanding upon the framework and scope of Sage Advisor.

Internal proposal and infographicBROWSE PDF

Watch and listen to the video version.

Learn more about Sage Advisor here.


Siggraph '98, "Gestalt Inhibition Sequence: Digital Hypnosis BROWSE PDF

Computer Graphics World Magazine Portfolio Feature, October 1998 BROWSE PDF

25th Anniversary Retrospective January 2002 BROWSE PDF


Customer Service Menage-troisBROWSE PDF

Fiber Plus BarsBROWSE PDF

The Most Annoying MemeBROWSE PDF

Siri Cops an AttitudeBROWSE PDF

Endorsements on LinkedInBROWSE PDF

Emperor's New ClothesBROWSE PDF